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No 👏 Days 👏 Off! 👏

Updated playlist, fuck yeah AOC shirt and more

I forgot that the next two days are technically holidays in the US. You don’t need any more emails on those days, so here we are. Regardless of your plans for the rest of the week may I point you to things like National Day of Mourning and Buy Nothing Day. Take a beat to think about what you are asked to participate in this week and why. Remember that you don’t have to.

In case you missed it last week, I wrote about home recording and figuring that stuff out on your own. If you write songs and either want to learn more, or share some resources, head over to this thread and comment! Anyone can chime in, so go for it!

For those of us who don’t really get national holidays “off”, I updated our No Days Off playlist with songs from folks like White Reaper, Future Teens and Western Settings.

And for anyone else in a very “fuck everything” mood these days, I found a few (as in, FIVE) of the “Fuck Yeah, AOC” shirts remaining. If you’d like one, they’re up in my webstore now. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

This is a short one, but I’ll have a whole lot more to share with you REALLY SOON!


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