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It's a whole thing we can talk about later

Keeping it brief! Insta Live tomorrow!

After two very long interviews this month, I’m going to keep this week’s email brief! Substack has been changing in ways that make me uncomfortable, so I’ve spent entirely too much time over the past two weeks trying to find an alternative. For those of you who have been curious, yes, I’d like to use an open-source platform or my own website to do this, but it may or may not be feasible or affordable at this juncture. I am trying to figure it out.

I wish I had been able to spend more time writing recently instead of reading a lot of technical terms and pretending I know the first thing about web development. I’m able to write this newsletter because it doesn’t take a whole lot of technical knowledge on my part, so you can blame that for not having a nice rant or ode-to-2009 to read this week. My bad.

If I had more brain space I’d talk about reading Cometbus #59: Post-Mortem (very enjoyable) and the fact that there are now a whole bunch of punk house Instagram accounts happening. I sent the Brooklyn one to Cass so she could see what a mess my 20s were and she had a one-word response. “Sweaty.” Based on those photos you’d think it was always a humid 90 degrees and that Bent Outta Shape played every single show. I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia revival on social media or the fact that I haven’t been to Brooklyn in over a year but I would currently give my right arm to drink a Ballantine on a slowly collapsing roof in Bed Stuy.

Rizzo & The Pink Ladies

I’ve also been redesigning my own website, and making more regular updates to my webstore. If you’ve been following along, I recently added my print of Rizzo & The Pink Ladies. You can read about the inspiration for that one here.

Ask me Anything

Today is Trans Day of Visibility, but because I’m awful at remembering absolutely any holiday or commemorative date ever, I didn’t plan this next thing well: I’m going to hop on Instagram Live TOMORROW around 6pm ET to do one of those Q&A things on the Worriers profile. I’m testing out some waters and I’d love to see what y’all have on your mind. Want my opinion or advice or a very sarcastic take on something? Tomorrow is your lucky day. 😂😬

Support the Starlight Saloon

A new LGBTQ+ venue and art space in Lancaster, PA needs your help! You know I’m all about creating more queer spaces in the world:

The Starlight Saloon protects, preserves, and remodels a threatened historic 40+-year-old LGBTQ+ establishment from closing by transforming it into a progressive 2,864 SQ FT LGBTQ+ art bar, sexy social lounge, an intimate performing arts venue in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offering 12 equal employment opportunities, while creating affordable and affirming housing for low-income LGBTQ+ individuals above its establishment! We are asking for your help in raising $190,000 dollars to bring this vision to life!

Learn more and donate here.

Thanks for being here! If you’re from a marginalized demographic and are promoting an event or resource, feel free to send it to me and I will add it to the next newsletter!