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Getting It Together with Chris Gethard

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You might know Chris Gethard from a lot of things. From standup comedy to his off-broadway show turned HBO special Career Suicide, to the podcast Beautiful/Anonymous, to the undefinable Chris Gethard Show, to appearances on shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation, he’s pretty much everywhere. I even saw him front a Smiths cover band that was, no matter your current opinion of Morrissey, fucking GREAT. So when I thought about who I wanted to talk to about their creative process and sustaining a creative career these days, I knew we had to talk.

Chris and I have known each other for a long time, and this conversation eventually dissolved into friends reminiscing about the before times. We come from very similar roots in New Brunswick Basement Shows and Chris brings up accurate points about coming from the great state of New Jersey. Jokes aside, the insight and perspective he shared are really valuable. I think Chris is not only incredibly talented but also a great example of what sticking to your own values and goals will get you. If you enjoy this conversation you should absolutely read his book, Lose Well.

This conversation sort of sounds like his podcast, if only because his audio is near perfect whereas I often sound like I’m calling from a landline. I’m still getting my Zoom recording sea legs, so bear with me. Thanks, folks!

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