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Your strongest, most active, or most successful day

I keep being reminded that it's Pr*me day tomorrow, despite my efforts to rid myself of Amaz0n at all costs.
Lucy in my armpit
Thanks to everyone who filled out my survey from the last email. Your feedback is helping me plan the next few months and make this a more sustaining place. Stay tuned! 

I keep being reminded that it's Pr*me day tomorrow, despite my efforts to rid myself of Amaz0n at all costs. I acknowledge that it's much easier to avoid them when you live in a major metropolitan area or don't mind paying for regular shipping. It's easier when you don't have much disposable income, so shopping on the internet isn't a real habit anyway.

I spent almost a month deleting my profile, completely and fully unsubscribing, clicking ARE YOU SURE? no less than 500 times. I am so sure. I am so sure they're a union busting, design stealing, competition killing capitalist behemoth that does not deserve my money. They don't deserve your money either but if you run out of other options, I understand the corner they paint you into.

I was also reminded that a shirt I bought from the artist Emily Elizabeth Miller should arrive in the mail today. It reads THIS IS MY SECOND RODEO. I don't buy many "fun things" as much as I buy the t-shirts my friends share with me saying "uh, I think you need this!" It's true. I do need those shirts. I have a Billy Joel / Black Flag mashup shirt to prove it, too.

I also need a day or two or five to just sit and play video games and read and not be worried about generating more work afterwards.

I need more days outside with friends, or with our dogs running around, or alone at a pool.

I need a week where I just draw and paint and sign off from everything else.

I need a backyard and a garden and some more commissions and exhibition opportunities and maybe a studio visit or two.

I need a new amp and a practice space where I can be loud and sing.

I need to be able to be in a crowded public space without fearing for my health and safety.

I need a new therapist.

I need SCOTUS to fuck off.

In order to be my best self and live my best life I need all of these things more than a discounted kitchen appliance with free shipping.

Just a heads up that I am open for commissions at the moment and actively looking for more illustration assignments through the end of the summer!

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