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No Days Off isn't a flex

plus the presale code for the LA show (email-only)

This week I've updated my playlist No Days Off, something I started when we were in the midst of a lot of touring to share the music of the bands we had been touring with. Now it's a mix of that and my favorite new tunes, but the premise remains the same: these songs help remind me that I always want to be doing this. "No days off" isn't meant to be a flex, but an appreciation for the fact that I get to make music every day if I want to. That tour isn't a break from "real life". That every day counts for something.

It's over two hours of music! Enjoy!

ICYMI, I posted this video yesterday to announce our Los Angeles show and the music in the background is a demo of a new song. I'm considering streaming some impromptu acoustic stuff on TikTok as I get ready for the show, so if you're on there and want to tune into some live practices, follow me over there!