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MORE OF THIS PLEASE x November 2022

Plus, Imaginary Life is back on vinyl and available for pre-order now!

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More hugging of companion animals, please.

Before I get into things, this morning Worriers announced that our first album, Imaginary Life, is finally being repressed by Don Giovanni Records! It's available for pre-order now and the estimated arrival date is January 2023. Not bad! I would've given y'all an advanced crack at ordering them but we're pressing enough that it should be fine. STILL, if you want one and pre-ordered it today it would make me very happy!

Imaginary Life repress available for pre-order now


Jeff Rosenstock and Laura Stevenson - Younger Still

Jeff Rosenstock and Laura Stevenson put out another few Neil Young covers on an EP "Younger Still" and it's beautiful. They're on tour with Anika Pyle now, playing Los Angeles on Sunday, the anniversary of my birth! I will be camping (even though it's a low of 50 degrees, wtf is wrong with these Californians) but you should go! Tourdates here.

White Reaper - Pages

I can't stop listening to White Reaper's new song Pages. I spent most of Fest driving around Gainesville just BLASTING that sucker. So good. Their new album comes out on January 27 and I CANNOT WAIT.

Franz Nicolay - New River

Franz Nicolay just released a great new record, New River, on Don Giovanni. Worriers guitarist Frank Piegaro plays on it and I even sing some backing vocals. It has been in the works for quite a while now (a common story for most vinyl these days) but I'm glad it's finally out in the world!

The Notion app I swear is helping my anxiety

I've been keeping track of most things in an app called Notion for a while now and have recently gotten "really into it." It's...fun?! I've mentioned it before but it's a combination of note-taking and databases and task tracking all-in-one and it's free! It reels in the chaos and has been incredibly useful this year.

Notion just announced an AI writing tool that could be incredibly useful if you're on that platform. If you're interested in using Notion for you or your business, click here.*

I've also recently gone down the Thomas Frank Notion YouTube tutorial rabbit hole. Sorry and also you're welcome!

The republicans didn't win the Senate

The "Red Tsunami" or whatever didn't happen. Fuck yes. Fuck them.

As we approach Thanksgiving, it could be a good time to remind family members that they are doing some true mental gymnastics if they say they love you then go vote for people who hate you. 🎉

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