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Grow up to be a warm blanket

New album out now + a daytime Los Angeles show TODAY

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My new album Warm Blanket was released out into the world last Friday and it debuted at #125 on the college radio charts, which is pretty neat considering I basically made this for funsies. 9 out of 10 songs are either kinda making fun of indie rock I find boring or trying to channel lo-fi Magnetic Fields vibes. The song Warm Blanket is what started the idea for the album as a body of work - addressing my frustration with how some artists deliver their feelings like you're taking a nice bath. It sounds like the goal is to grow up to be a warm blanket.

The title track is maybe more sympathetic to that path, and we created a music video using contemporary interpretive dance (I think that's what you call it, anyway) to illustrate that kind of anxiety and overwhelm. It's the only real emotional peak on the album, and that was intentional. My impulse is to play this one faster, and it took a lot to keep the slow burn pace here.

Big thanks to all involved with the Warm Blanket music video:
Directed by Chelsea Christer
Cinematography & Lighting by Gavin Murray
AC: Alex Simon
Edited by Andy Young
Color Correction by Justin San Souci
Dancers: Haley Nicole Johnson, Cassie Cavanaugh, Deanna Rooney

As much as the inspiration for a lot of this record may have been antagonistic, I don't think the songs sound that way or that it's an especially negative experience. I used it as an excuse to try new things, create sounds and a vibe that you might not expect from a typical Worriers record, and have a good time. None of them aside from Warm Blanket ever "kick in" and maybe that's just my own little inside joke but I enjoyed that as a challenge.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our little 5-show East Coast tour. It meant a lot to see some familiar faces and a bunch of new ones - to curate our own space and see a crowd that reflected that. More shows to come soon!

And if you're in the Los Angeles area I play a show in ::checks watch:: 2 hours. I'm playing a solo set as part of the LA Zine Fest benefit thrown by Razorcake. It's at the Offbeat in Highland Park - $10 at the door, 21+, I play at 1:45pm. My pals dimber are on the bill too and your fav, Jeff Rosenstock is the special guest ending the evening. I figured it was a chill way to play another show in Los Angeles finally so hope to see you there!

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