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To be lost in a forest, to be cut adrift

My 2000s soundtrack, Prepared to Forget, and another batch of tie-dye shirts!

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First smartphone, who's this?

If you asked me if I was an LCD Soundystem fan I'd say... maybe? I mean, probably? I'm not NOT a fan. Well, Cass put on their self-titled album while we were making dinner the other night and it turns out I absolutely know and enjoy the majority of those songs. It's like going to art school in the 2000s meant "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" osmosed its way into my psyche whether I knew it or not.

Sometimes I forget that while I was starting a punk band in a basement somewhere I was living a parallel life going to dance parties soundtracked by The Rapture, Bloc Party, and The Management before they took all the vowels out.

It's a weird in-between space that occupied the beginning of my life in New York. It's what Prepared To Forget is about – hanging out at Lit Lounge or that loft on South 5th or a random warehouse by the river – a blur of weird decisions, friends disappearing, packed shows, more dancing than I can accurately describe. Remember drinking Sparks?! The soundtrack is amazing, though I can't remember a lot of it in reality - something I mention in the song, too.

The feeling of late nights on the Lower East Side and in Williamsburg in the 00s is something that cemented itself into my notion of that city and I'm very grateful for that. I haven't read Meet Me In The Bathroom, a book I've been told beautifully weaves together the oral history of that musical time period in New York. It's too bittersweet (and sorta cringey) for me to think about too deeply, and part of me probably regrets the moments I missed in that scene while I was busy being a bit too-cool-for-school at a house show. Hindsight is something something.

I'm not going to wax nostalgic any further here, but I dug up some music that I love revisiting. I made a playlist of some of my favorites that I listened to while constantly taking the JMZ from one side of my apartment building in Brooklyn to Delancey Street.

For a more fun take on the Brooklyn feel, check out Sharon Van Etten's video for her song "Mistakes", which was shot at Union Pool. IYKYK.

A different batch of tie-dye!

Tour is coming up SO SOON and to help me fly everyone out for these shows I'm doing another small batch of tie-dyed t-shirts. I dye all of these myself! This time you can pick your color situation, one of three color combos. Pre-order starts right now and you have until Saturday to snag one. I'm only making exactly what you order! They should ship by the end of this month! These are really fun to make and I always love spotting them in the wild. Y'all are the best.

Tour updates!

In case you missed it, we added some folks to the lineup of our upcoming tour with Lizdelise! See you soon.

April 5 - Washington DC @ Comet Ping Pong w/ DIM WIZARD
April 6 - Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's w/ BEST BEAR
April 7 - Providence, RI @ Fete Music Hall w/ SUN URCHINS
April 8 - Boston, MA @ Faces Brewing Co w/ ADDIE
April 9 - Brooklyn, NY @ TV Eye w/ HEAVY LAG

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