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More of this, please.

Respect, Carole King, "Detransition, Baby" + more

First off, real quick, I'd love to ask y'all a few questions. I'm trying to generate some more exclusive things for y'all but need some input first. Even if you're not a paid supporter, I'd love your feedback, and this will take five minutes, tops, and it's completely anonymous. Please? Y'all rule.

In an earnest attempt to fight off burnout, I've been making note of things that I appreciate, that I've been paying attention to, that I'd like there to be more of in the world. Small stuff. Bigger concepts. Records. Books. Etc. etc. I'm going to start sharing lists like these every month. For now, here's a June 2022 edition of More of This, Please.

Aretha Franklin and the movie Respect

I watched Respect, the biopic about Aretha Franklin, on a plane the other day and spent the entire time trying not to cry in public because those songs and her voice (and Jennifer Hudson's voice) are just so good. The scene where she jams with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section to arrange I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Loved You) gave me chills. I kinda can't stop thinking about it. That title is also queer af if you read it the right way, just saying.

Carole King, Tapestry

Did you know that Aretha Franklin's 1968 hit (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman was actually written by Carole King? And then Carole King released it on her 1971 classic record Tapestry. Despite being released in February of that year, Tapestry didn't hit #1 on the Billboard charts until June 17 and had one of the longest runs on the Top whatever it is. I love the fact that she was considered more of a songwriter than a performing artist at that point, then Tapestry blew the fuck up. It's so good. I listened to this record on vinyl so much as a teenager I assumed I personally owned a copy, but apparently I don't? Can't find it.

Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters

This has been on my reading list for a while, and I will read it after I finish what I'm currently reading, I promise. Even reading the description on the back of the book made me happy. So here we are.

Virtual readings/discussions with writers

Last week I watched a discussion with authors Imogen Binnie, Michelle Tea and Brontez Purnell, which was such a good combination I almost couldn't believe it. Imogen Binnie read a bit from her novel Nevada, which was just reprinted finally, and they talked about things like writing for Maximum Rock'n'roll, Doris zine, and writing for television, and the queer, grew-up-a-punk vibes were strong. I found out about it pretty last minute, and it was just such a great surprise to be beamed onto my desk at 6pm one day.  You can listen to it below:

Skylit: Nevada by Imogen Binnie, with Michelle Tea and Brontez Purnell - Crowdcast
Register now for Skylight Books’s event on Crowdcast, scheduled to go live on Wednesday June 15, 2022 at 6:00 pm PDT.

Thanks again for being here. Recently I've been focusing on recording new music and released a new Kate Bush print last week. I'll be doing at least one more Los Angeles pop-up market this summer, so stay tuned for more info if you live out here.

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