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MORE OF THIS PLEASE x December 2022

Why is it so cold in LA? + fun recommendations

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Lauren and their dog Lucy both looking off into the distance

It's finally, legitimately winter here in Los Angeles, and judging by my mood right now I don't know how I survived East Coast winters. It's 50 degrees and raining and I hate it. I don't know when I get to go on tour again just yet either and that combination makes me a restless, grumpy, anxious person.

I'm sitting on a pile of new music that I can't share yet, which for some reason makes me question all of my life's choices. I am nothing if not impatient. It's compounded by the fact that more of you clicked on the link I shared to the Notion app than some of my music recommendations (not complaining, but... what?).

I'm currently the version of myself that wants to enjoy the new L Word but just keeps yelling WHERE IS THE ANDROGYNY OR POSITIVE BUTCH ROLE MODELS?! at the screen. I haven't made it to the Max episode yet, but that's not my point.

As a personal grounding exercise, here are some things I've done recently that have helped me make sense of things and maybe even given me a good serotonin boost or two:

Issues #2-8 of What's The Furthest Place From Here

After Worriers participated in the limited-edition 7" for Issue #2 of this awesome comic, I hadn't bought another copy. I realized my mistake when I saw issue EIGHT at my local comic shop and I rectified that situation. It's a punk-friendly apocalyptic coming-of-age story and the first comic I've followed in single-issue form in years.

Getting Organized for 2023

I sat down and started plotting out all the important dates for 2023 and all the things I need-slash-want to make because of those events. It makes me feel like I have things mildly under control while giving me a reason to start getting excited. I integrated everything into my existing Notion database but also made it into a template that you can use. There are expandable menus for each month and then one larger calendar at the bottom. It's easy to just make a list and then see it come together in calendar form, where I can just drag and drop things around as needed. If you end up using the template, I would love feedback!

Tie Dying Crew Neck Sweatshirts

So far I've tie-dyed three crew neck sweatshirts in that weird blotchy style that looks like watercolor. I saw one for sale at a market for $65 (a fair price but out of my budget) so I made one myself. One for me, one for Cass, and one I'm giving as a holiday gift. Maybe I'll make more and put them up for sale but for now it has been nice to just make a cool thing and leave it at that. Worriers sweatshirts, maybe?

a sweatshirt mid tie-dye

Playing Settlers of Catan on my phone

Hey, it's better than doom-scrolling!

Nasimeh B.E.

Illustrator and poet Nasimeh combines poetry and art with self-care, therapy talk and 00's music references for some truly relatable content. A self-described big sis. The link above is TikTok but she's also on Insta. Just some really good vibes.

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