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It's pride, I guess?

New music, a Worriers gig and a casting call

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Photo by A Klass

It's pride month, which inevitably brings up a lot for me, as I am not a very rainbow flag-waving queer. I don't think my identity is something that's all that interesting and certainly not something I want to use to assimilate into mainstream heteronormative culture via parades. What keeps me talking about queerness and gender is the semi-regular occurrence where a parent will approach me at a show and tell me I'm an example for them that their child can grow up to be thriving and happy. It's teenagers (who might be reading this, hi!) who sometimes call me their Ring-Of-Keys moment. It depends on what day you catch me if I'd say I'm happy and/or thriving, but if being an androgynous queer person on stage still serves as a beacon for people, then I'll happily keep talking about that part of myself.

I'm reminded that it's pride month by seeing Starbucks baristas wearing bouncy rainbow antennae, while Silk Chiffon plays on the stereo. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. No one asked for this. Not a single one of us asked for a rainbow on our coffee instead of a union authorization. There are many exciting things that I'd love for corporations to do, and a Target Pride seasonal clothing line is decidedly not one of them. The current trend of companies presenting their allyship only to rescind the offer at the slightest pushback from conservatives only serves to expose who amongst them is entirely full of rainbow shit. Thanks for that!

I hope everyone has a lovely pride month, whether you're a part of the LGBTQIA+ umbrella or just want to use it as an excuse to celebrate with people you love. I hope we find ways to share support and care and push back against people who want to criminalize trans and queer existence. It has to get better than this.

Worriers @ Genghis Cohen - Los Angeles, CA on August 4

Tickets are on sale now for our show at Genghis Cohen! We'll be joined by dimber and Cowboy Boy, who I can't wait to share a stage with. It's a small spot so advance tickets are strongly encouraged!

Some friends made some great music

I wanted to make sure y'all heard some new music that came out this week, specifically the new Vivat Virtute and Lektron EPs. The first is a project from JS Fellows (who you probably know from the Weakerthans) and Christine Fellows - my personal favorite is "All My Ex-Boyfriends Are You", a new addition to the Virtute saga for those of you following along. The second is a new band from my friend and collaborator Atom Willard with Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) and Hunter Burgan (AFI). I'm all about a good supergroup!

All My Ex-Boyfriends Are You, by Vivat Virtute
from the album June First
LEKTRON, by Asian Man Records
2 track album

Casting call for a Worriers video!

On June 17th we'll be shooting a music video in DTLA and we need folks to hang out at a party scene. I'm looking specifically for queer and trans folks of all gender expressions to be a part of it. If you're available roughly 11am-2:30pm, please email me at worriersmusic@gmail.com for more info! The theme is gay 90s movies so it's an opportunity to dress in your best grunge vibe or like you went on a dEliA's shopping spree just in time to go to Lillith Fair.  

Alternative Pride Playlist

As much as I hate linking to Spotify they did add my new song Warm Blanket to this legitimately good list of songs. 🤷🏼

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