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New records from old friends and hitting the reset button

Plus COVID precautions at upcoming shows and limited-edition Worriers merch!

Ok! ::scoots chair in:: Let's do this. I just got back from four days in the desert and I have 3 weeks until tour and there's no time to fuck around. I had been slacking on my daily planner and using a task-tracking app but I'm going to pretend it's January 1st and sort that stuff out. No Day But Today, or whatever.

I am completely, 100% admittedly one of those people who throw themselves into work to avoid thinking about other things. That's not a great quality but ::gestures at a room full of art and recording gear:: Lately I've been checking off boxes to surround myself with some positivity, battling both the general state of the world and other social disappointments.

I saw one of those insta graphics "Signs You're Gaslighting Yourself" and I can't decide whether or not I am, in fact, gaslighting myself to chill out or if the pessimist in me just accepts that I can't change certain things. I'd rather focus my energy on creating things that bring me joy rather than what I have absolutely zero control over. I mean that on a small and personal level, rather than larger political or community situations, obviously. I'm not talking shit about anything, I just have a laundry list of things this applies to right now.

One issue that falls in the middle somewhere is safety precautions at the upcoming Worriers shows. I don't have control over the tour as a whole, nor do I personally dictate what the venues are doing. However, I do know that proof of vaccination or negative test will be required at all shows, though the execution of that will be a bit different at each spot. This is important to me and it's important that y'all know that. I feel like I've been outspoken about getting vaccinated, but possibly not outspoken enough!

If it were entirely up to me, all shows would be vaccinated-only. Even if for no other reason than an unvaccinated person is far more likely to contract a severe case of COVID if exposed and I don't want that on my watch! I want y'all to stay healthy! For the millionth time: Have Fun. Don't Die.

Now for the fun stuff from this week:

Really Records releases Cheeky discography

This is big news! Cheeky were such a big part of my house show memories in the late 00's and now their stuff will be on streaming services. The vinyl is on sale now too! Fantastic. If you're unfamiliar, they're fast and poppy punk rock fronted by Kate from Big Eyes, featuring Brian Schleyer on guitar, Angie Boylan on drums, and one of my feminist collective co-conspirators Kate Wadkins on bass. Their music was a snotty fuck-you to toxic masculinity in the scene while also being a ton of fun.

Night Shop is releasing a new LP "Forever Night"

My pal Justin Sullivan who helped me start Worriers went on to play with folks like The Babies and Kevin Morby. Since I've moved to LA he has released his own solo music as the band Night Shop and the new LP is now available for pre-order! You can hear the title track here. I really appreciate this kind of longing in the form of a true bop.

Sad Girlz Club release video for "I Think I'm Ready"

I was commissioned a few months ago to draw the prom poster featured in the recent Sad Girlz Club video for their song "I Think I'm Ready."  Catchy stuff!

Worriers limited edition tie-dye shirts go on sale Tuesday

With the help of two friends named Dan, I tie dyed 50 t-shirts in my garage for Worriers merch. They're pretty! A photo of one of the pre-silkscreened shirts is below. I made them in size Small through 3XL, they'll be $35 each, and you just have to take a chance and get the color scheme that shows up! It'll be a surprise. My plan is to put them up online on Tuesday. Paid subscribers will be notified with a link in advance to get first dibs! This is a lil pre-tour special thing to help me ensure COVID-safe accomodations while on tour.

I also recently made flannel patterned washi tape 🤓 and put the new You Can Do It! zine up online. I think I'll have to turn off my webstore for the month of October, so this was is last batch of STUFF for the internet for a little while.

Thanks for the continued support, y'all. There's a lot more where this came from and I can't wait to get on stage again. Stay safe. Wear a mask. See you soon!

tie-dye shirts coming soon!