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Do you still hate me?

You're allowed to outgrow things. + touring with Jawbreaker and some merch things.
I leave for tour on Wednesday so today is your LAST DAY TO ORDER MOST WORRIERS MERCH from me for a while. It's also your last day to check out my art webstore, which I just updated with a bunch of new things, including the Gender Euphoria print/sticker/etc. Thanks for being here!
At least one other person on my band mistook this for 24 Hour Revenge Therapy out of the corner of your eye

On Friday, Worriers starts a short tour with Jawbreaker.

When I first started listening to their records, through the time I got a small tattoo of BEGIN AGAIN referencing "A Boat Dreams From The Hill" in a friend's living room, I didn't think a tour like this was possible, purely based on the fact that they had already broken up. Not to mention that I had barely toured, if at all, at that point.

Jawbreaker is a band that has held a quiet significance for me, one that I haven't been especially vocal about. At least I don't think I have. They're a band that boys used to quote to me, explain to me, tell me stories about, while I quietly nodded then went home to listen to "Kiss the Bottle" or "Into You Like a Train" (their Psychadelic Furs cover) alone in my room. Yes, I know it's a cover, Kyle. I went from high school into adulthood while listening to Jawbreaker, the soundtrack to a lot of feelings.

Years later, living in a Victorian house in Brooklyn, complete with eight housemates, I started having shows in the basement. After attending a million house shows in New Brunswick, it seemed only natural that I would repay the scene favor. Those shows were some of my favorites, including bands like P.S. Eliot, Swearin', Shellshag, Vacation, and another Blake Schwarzenbach project, Forgetters. I still have the setlist.

That house, and those years, solidified a lot of friendships and acquaintances that formed a weird web of music and art and punk and work that are, to be honest, responsible for almost anything good that has happened to me since.

A lot has changed since then. I've changed a lot since then. Despite what some folks say, I don't think Worriers is really a punk band anymore and I'm... happy about that? As weirdly guilty as I sometimes feel about whatever that means, that label doesn't fit my music much anymore. It doesn't take away from or change how the band got where it is, or my friends, or the basement shows, or my ethics. Most of my collaborative relationships would not be what they are without Punk™️.

Recently, I've spoken with friends about closing the book on a part of that history, and a few people have kindly reminded me that you're allowed to outgrow things. Some things that I used to enjoy and love don't serve me anymore, in the way that they don't push me and bring me the same joy. And that's ok. We are allowed to change and grow.

I'm being intentionally cryptic, but in the next couple of weeks, you'll begin to see what I'm talking about more specifically. I'll be sharing more about the next chapter, and how as one door is closing, an exciting window is definitely opening somewhere.

But before any of that, I'm gonna go play some shows with Jawbreaker.

Begin Again,

4/22 - Philadelphia, PA w/ Jawbreaker, The Get Up Kids, Kate Willett
4/23 - Boston, MA
w/ Jawbreaker, The Get Up Kids, Kate Willett
4/24 - Silver Spring, MD
w/ Jawbreaker, The Get Up Kids, Kate Willett
4/27 - New York, NY
w/ Jawbreaker, The Linda Lindas, Chris Gethard
4/28 - New York, NY
w/ Jawbreaker, The Linda Lindas, Chris Gethard

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