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Tour report 2021

I can't believe we're actually back on tour.

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I bought a new phone before I left for tour so that my content or whatever would look better and more professional. Most of my photos still look like they were taken at random with a disposable camera but I'm now able to take beautiful portraits of other people's dogs, so that's nice.

I don't really think I'll ever be "good at the internet" but I'll admit I like this video trend in the context of just goofing off. I'm not a fan of everything needing to feel manicured and perfect and happy and projecting this aspirational vibe of always living my best life but I WILL make stupid videos with my dog. Several years ago I made a couple of bucket lists, one of which included the bullet point "don't take yourself too seriously." Achievement unlocked!

Last week we rehearsed for three days in Brooklyn and I slept in a bunk bed at a hotel where the toilet was inside the shower. 💅🏼 We then rented a minivan to take some gear to the bigger van outside of Philadelphia, stayed with some friends where I pet Dog #1 of the tour, and made our way to Rhode Island for the first show.

I cannot underscore how perfect it was that this one started at The Met, which was originally located in downtown Providence, where I went to college. My phone number is still the 401 area code and that city is home to some of my favorite people. While living there I started playing in bands and learned what it meant to build your own loft, silkscreen press, or music scene. It's a great city and I miss it.

Usually, everyone is stoked on the first day of tour, but this felt different. We could've played like shit and I still would've had a great time. I listened to folks sound-checking like a kid in a candy store. Backstage during the Menzingers set we could hear the crowd singing more than the band. Truly a great way to start things off.

My friend Allegra Anka (from Cayetana!) is playing bass on this tour and we're hanging out at their house for a few days before things kick back off with a sold-out show in Buffalo, NY. Please everyone also give a round of applause to Dan Frelly (Chumped, Katie Ellen, Strange Pride) who's playing drums on this tour. 👏👏👏

On the way to Rhode Island, we listened to the episode of How Did This Get Made? about Malignant, so we watched the actual movie last night and just yelled at the screen the whole time. Why is everyone refusing to turn on a light? Why does she drive to the abandoned building in broad daylight but only go inside once it's dark out? Why does she never try to stop her mysterious bleeding head wound? Why are the women in that jail cell so ridiculously stereotyped, including one woman who is apparently from the 1970s? So many questions! It's so bad it's great!

Last week I sent you my reading list, and as of right now, this is my list of things to also watch in the van:

  • Squid Game
  • House of Secrets
  • The Many Saints of Newark
  • Love Life

While we're driving I'll also be working on illustrating the last few posts of this newsletter and any new commissions. I'm officially back online for illustration and other commissioned work, so feel free to reach out! See you back here next week.