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Surprise! They/Them/Theirs redux

Goodevening! I wanted you all to be the first to know that as of like five minutes ago we released an acoustic version of our song They / Them / Theirs. It has been on my to-do list for quite a while, so what better time than during pride month while shitty state governments try to pass an insane number of anti-trans bills. It features our guitarist Frank Piegaro as well as cellist Ethan Philbrick. It's not a bop, but more of a "float around while staring at the sky while slightly sad" kind of a jam.

The song should be streaming everywhere as of midnight in your time zone and all proceeds from Bandcamp sales today will go to Sylvia Rivera Law Project. It's pay-what-you-want, so you can donate whatever you'd like. I'll be posting the final tally later this week.

Listen Here

Freezing Cold has a new EP

While I'm in announcement mode, my friends in Freezing Cold are releasing an EP on Salinas Records on Friday. It's the folks from Aye Nako, Bridge & Tunnel, Never, and Sleater Kinney (my bud Angie who I've mentioned previously because I think it's SO COOL that she has played in that band on top of being a great human!). It's called Stuck On Hold / Drawn To Scale and it's very much in the Archers of Loaf, Big Nothing, Signals Midwest zone and I think you'll like it!

Soul Glo signs to Epitaph

Last but honestly more important than anything in this email is that Soul Glo just signed to Epitaph and released a new EP. THAT RULES. GOOD FOR THEM! They're an amazing hardcore band I've mentioned a number of times, and I think they're one of the last bands I saw live in Philadelphia before I moved. They're amazing and I could not be happier for them to have the support and larger platform that a label like Epitaph affords them. Fuck yeah. Listen to more of their music here.

I didn't send you an email last week so I'm going to send another one on Wednesday that addresses access to such platforms specifically. Stay tuned.

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